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Working on a smaller production I was worried about finding accessible costume items while bigger productions were out there one step ahead. I always felt welcome at Thunder Thighs and my needs were treated as important as the bigger companies coming through. The selection went on forever and the staff were eager to find the right item to suit our needs. Our film looked spectacular thanks to the help of Thunder Thighs.

— Victoria Kucher

I cannot say enough good things about working with Thunder Thighs over the years. This is one of the best resources for theatre and film in the country. Their staff are knowledgeable, helpful and kind. When I train producers, I always insist that they spend half a day familiarizing themselves with the stock at Thunder Thighs so that they know what is available to them.

— Alex Dault, Artistic Director,
Theatre by the Bay

As a director and Associate Artistic Director of an independent theatre company, I have been going to Thunder Thighs for my costuming needs since 2011. Their vast selection, excellent service, and affordable price makes them a godsend for independent artists on limited budgets. Thunder Thighs helps make professional costuming available to artists and theatre companies who lack the resources of Canada’s elite theatres, but who still value a professional, high quality product.

— Jonathan Langley, Associate Artistic Director,
Single Thread Theatre Company

I have pleasure of working with the team at Thunder Thighs on several different productions ranging from period piece films, contemporary television shows, and live immersive experiences requiring highly specialized costuming. The staff and service at Thunder Thighs is unparalleled. They are creative, thoughtful, and extremely professional. It is always my first stop when selecting a wardrobe/costume house for productions.

— Karen Knox, Director/Executive Producer,
Boss & Co

Outstanding selection and customer service! Not only do you feel like you’re stepping back in time when you walk through the doors, but everything else follows with a staff that really seem to love being there and the personal, first-name-basis style of doing business. My experience with Thunder Thighs really went beyond expectations – and their ability to take a few clues to help put together the perfect costumes from their enormous warehouse is a sign of great organization as well as a deep and intuitive understanding of the theatre arts. Highly recommend!

— Adam Crisman, Recurring Customer

I’ve relied on Thunder Thighs constantly during my costume design work. They have a huge range of stock with both vintage and wonderfully constructed reproductions, extensive accessories and shoes, and all for some of the lowest rental fees in Toronto. My favourite part of this shop though is the people. Designing for theatre is often as stressful as it is a labour of love and the people of Thunder Thighs have always helped ease that with their support and customer service.

— Lindsay Dagger Junkin, Costume and Set Designer

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