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Renting with Us

➢ Halloween Rental Rules and Hours October 2023

  • A $300 dollar security deposit is required for ALL Halloween Rentals
  • A $50 dollar deposit is required for All Halloween costumes that are put on hold. This deposit will either be put towards your security deposit when you rent the costume items or be returned when staff are notified that the costume is no longer needed.
  • Dry Cleaning costs will be charged at the time of rental. Extra cleaning or replacement costs may be charged if any costumes are returned in extremely poor condition or damaged. This would include sever non-pre-existing staining, excessive dirt, any use of fake blood on the costume, excessive and persistent body odor smells, ext. This is non-negotiable.
  • We do not accept walk-in Halloween costumers after 4:30pm. We do not carry pre-packaged costumes, nor do we have a scanning retail system. We have over 5 million items to choose from, which means it takes time to piece together and write up a costume. We also primarily provide wardrobe for film/theater so, please keep in mind that we are still quite busy with the film/TV industry business at this time. Staff will do their absolute best to accommodate you but we can’t guarantee our assistance at all times. Thank you for understanding.
  • We DO NOT rent any Military Uniforms, First Nations garments, weapons, white or delicate historical garments for use during Halloween/parties.

Public Halloween Hours of Service-October 2023

Monday-Friday: 10 am-4:30pm

Saturday October 21: 11am-4pm

Saturday October 28: 11am-4pm

➢General Information

  • Our regular hours are Monday to Friday 10am-6pm.
  • We prefer appointments. Please call 416-462-0621 or email thunderthighscostumes@gmail.com to schedule one.
  • We work mainly with Film, TV and Theatre productions.
  • Most of our costumes are unique pieces.
  • We do not carry pre-packaged costumes. The photos on our website are only examples of our stock.
  • We provide all rentals with a detailed description of items, aka ”write-up”.
  • Our standard rental period is 2 weeks. Please ask staff for more information.

➢ Before Arrival

  • Please come prepared with tools you may need to work; measuring tapes, pens, paper, etc.  
  • Make sure you have the following measurements as required Head, Neck, Chest or Bust, and Waist. Our clothing is measured in inches, we do not work with S, M, L or metric sizing styles.
  • We encourage our customers to provide reference pictures.
  • Allow yourself enough time.

➢ 2022 Rental Policy (Independent Productions, Walk-Ins)

  • All rentals must provide a VALID credit card.
  • We require a $500 security deposit for rentals over $100 before tax and before dry cleaning.
  • The security deposit will be fully refunded to the original form of payment unless additional fees (late return fees, replacement, repairs, etc.) are incurred.
  • Dry cleaning charges will be charged at time of rental.
  • Late return fees will be charged on items overdue by 1 business day or later. No exceptions.
  • We charge a pulling fee.

➢ Spec, Post-Spec, Extended Rentals

  • Spec rentals are ONLY available for fittings, if the items are worn or kept, they will be charged as Post-Spec.
  • Please ask staff for Spec, Post-Spec and Extended Rental pricing and terms.

➢ Returns

  • Clothing rentals must be returned on hangers, unless specified otherwise. A fee will apply to rentals that are not returned in this way.
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