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Renting with Us

➢ General Information

  • Our hours are Monday to Friday 10am-6pm.
  • We prefer appointments. Please call 416-462-0621 or email thunderthighscostumes@gmail.com to schedule one.
  • We work mainly with Film, TV and Theatre productions.
  • Most of our costumes are unique pieces.
  • We do not carry pre-packaged costumes. The photos on our website are only examples of our stock.
  • We provide all rentals with a detailed description of items, aka ”write-up”.
  • Our standard rental period is 2 weeks. Please ask staff for more information.

➢ Before Arrival

  • Please come prepared with tools you may need to work; measuring tapes, pens, paper, etc.  
  • Make sure you have the following measurements as required Head, Neck, Chest or Bust, and Waist. Our clothing is measured in inches, we do not work with S, M, L or metric sizing styles.
  • We encourage our customers to provide reference pictures.
  • Allow yourself enough time.

➢ 2022 Rental Policy (Independent Productions, Walk-Ins)

  • All rentals must provide a VALID credit card.
  • We require a $300 security deposit for rentals over $100 before tax and before dry cleaning.
  • The security deposit will be fully refunded to the original form of payment unless additional fees (late return fees, replacement, repairs, etc.) are incurred.
  • Dry cleaning charges will be charged at time of rental.
  • Late return fees will be charged on items overdue by 1 business day or later. No exceptions.
  • We charge a pulling fee.

➢ Spec, Post-Spec, Extended Rentals

  • Spec rentals are ONLY available for fittings, if the items are worn or kept, they will be charged as Post-Spec.
  • Please ask staff for Spec, Post-Spec and Extended Rental pricing and terms.

➢ Returns

  • Clothing rentals must be returned on hangers, unless specified otherwise. A fee will apply to rentals that are not returned in this way.
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